TUESDAY FEB 27, 2024
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Davis Turner Planespotter and aviation journalist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Davis has previously worked on business plan research with StartupBoeing and historical analysis with Ricondo and Associates. Davis will be a freshman in college this fall, based in Chicago.
ROUTES Nov 05, 2021 Avelo Takes Off From New Haven Tweed Avelo Airlines took off from New Haven Tweed for the first time today with service to Orlando. This marks the first time in many years New Haven has seen such a service expansion, with Avelo looking to make strong connections with the airport and local community. Read More →
NEWS Oct 28, 2021 United Announces Expanded Newark - DC Shuttle Schedule United Airlines recently announced expanded shuttle services in the Northeast Corridor. New service is being added from Newark to Reagan and Dulles Airports, and from LaGuardia to Washington Dulles Airport. Read More →
NEWS Oct 18, 2021 Fully Vaccinated Foreign Individuals Can Now Travel to the United States Vaccinated foreign travelers can now enter the United States, beginning November 8th. This move follows an opening of land borders with Canada and Mexico earlier this week. Read More →
NEWS Sep 26, 2021 American Airlines' Fueling a Lower-Carbon Future American Airlines recently announcer they will be an anchor partner to Bill Gates' climate "catalyst" Breakthrough. As an anchor partner, the airline will be investing 100 million dollars into sustainable aviation technologies in an attempt to reduce emissions faster. Read More →
ROUTES Sep 10, 2021 Uzbekistan Airways Launches Uzbekistan Express Uzbekistan Airways recently launched a new low-cost subsidiary and reconfigured parts of their fleet to adjust to the current leisure demand. This follows the rising trend of new low-cost subsidiaries in Central Asia. Read More →
NEWS Aug 26, 2021 Delta Implements New Surcharge for Unvaccinated Employees Delta Airlines recently introduced a surcharge on all health insurance plans for unvaccinated employees. The airline hopes this will encourage those without the vaccine to get vaccinated in order to reduce company financial losses and save lives. Read More →
NEWS Aug 19, 2021 Alaska Airlines Expands Fleet Optimization Program Alaska Airlines is expanding their fleet with a new 737 MAX order. The airline is looking to expand in the coming years to emerge strong from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the aircraft has been an immediate success for Alaska. Read More →
ROUTES Aug 15, 2021 Virgin Atlantic To Ditch Glasgow Virgin Atlantic is moving their transatlantic Scotland service from Glasgow to Edinburgh. New routes to the Caribbean will be launched with the airport move, raising questions and hairs while also getting vacationers excited. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Aug 03, 2021 Flying Southwest's 737-800 in 2021 A flight review of my flight from Oakland to Seattle. I sat in a unique seat and experienced what Southwest is like in 2021, and certainly noticed differences in Southwest today compared to two years ago. Read More →
ROUTES Jul 27, 2021 New Flights Launch Between Israel and Morocco Due to the peace agreement negotiated last year by the United States, airlines can now fly between Morocco and Israel. As a result, El Al and Israir have now launched 5x and 3x weekly flights, respectively, between Marrakesh and Tel Aviv. Read More →