TUESDAY FEB 27, 2024
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Davis Turner Planespotter and aviation journalist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Davis has previously worked on business plan research with StartupBoeing and historical analysis with Ricondo and Associates. Davis will be a freshman in college this fall, based in Chicago.
NEWS Mar 09, 2022 ANA Group Launches New Subsidiary AirJapan The ANA Group is launching a new medium-haul international subsidiary, AirJapan. The service will reach new destinations in Oceania and Asia using the Boeing 787-8, offering affordable fares and comfortable service. Read More →
ROUTES Mar 08, 2022 Avelo Launches Three New Routes From New Haven Avelo is launching three new routes from New Haven to Chicago-Midway, Baltimore, and Raleigh. Service will begin in May in time for summer and will help Avelo reach new business destinations. Read More →
NEWS Feb 22, 2022 Airbus Announces Hydrogen Engine Testing on the Airbus A380 Airbus has announced plans to test hydrogen technology on their a380. While the tests will not commence until 2026 at the earliest, Airbus is fully committing to their ZEROe project. Read More →
NEWS Feb 22, 2022 Australian Borders Open for the First Time in Two Years Australia is opening their borders to international travelers for the first time in two years. Australian and American airlines alike are already banking on tourist increases and are offering deals and reinstated routes. Read More →
NEWS Feb 11, 2022 Air France Expanding Summer 2022 Operations Air France is expanding their summer route network. This includes a reinstatement of the flight from Orly to New York JFK. Read More →
NEWS Jan 26, 2022 US-China Aviation Tensions Inflamed After New Cancellations Announced The United States Department of Transportation is forcing the cancellation of China-bound flights operated by Chinese airlines. The move comes as a result of COVID restrictions applied to US-based flights to China operated by American legacy carriers. Read More →
NEWS Jan 10, 2022 Philippine Airlines Exits Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Philippine Airlines has now emerged from bankruptcy ready to increase their market share in East Asia. With lofty plans on the horizon, the airline is now poised to achieve new historic flights and expand on existing popular routes. Read More →
NEWS Jan 07, 2022 Allegiant Announces Order for 50 737 MAX Planes In an unprecedented move, Allegiant Airlines is expanding their fleet by purchasing 50 Boeing 737 MAX planes. As the pandemic eases in the coming months, Allegiant hopes to capture demand with more capacity and potentially new routes. Read More →
NEWS Dec 16, 2021 Boeing 787 Shortage Harming American Airlines American Airlines is struggling to operate international routes as a result of a 787 delivery shortage. Other international destinations are being cut or reduced in frequency as a result of demand changes in response to COVID guidelines alongside the shortage. Read More →
NEWS Nov 30, 2021 Unruly Passenger Disrupts Spirit Airlines Flight Spirit Airlines has been dealing with another unruly passenger. In this case, the woman was drunk and ultimately assaulted the flight attendants before being detained. Read More →