FRIDAY SEP 29, 2023
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Adam Schupak Member of the AeroXplorer writing and podcast teams.Interested in anything public transport related and is currently training to become a glider pilot.
ROUTES Jul 25, 2023 Lufthansa to Launch Special Flights From London Lufthansa is gearing up for a busy fall and winter season in the U.K., with the airline launching two seasonal winter routes as well as special charter flights for the German beer festival of Oktoberfest. With these flights, the airline hopes to further its way into the British market. Read More →
ROUTES Jul 20, 2023 Korean Air Resumes Flights to Multiple East Asian Destinations Over the coming months, Korean Air is set to resume multiple routes from the carrier's hubs at Seoul Incheon (ICN) and Busan Gimhae Int'l (PUS) to Japan and China. In response to the sharp increase and subsequent high demand for international air travel, Korean Air will be increasing the frequency of flights on multiple long-haul routes within the airline's network. Read More →
NEWS Jul 16, 2023 British Airways Pilot Stabbed, Held at Gunpoint During Layover in South Africa A veteran pilot at British Airways was reportedly attacked while on a run with a fellow BA crew member in the South African city of Johannesburg. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jul 10, 2023 46 Years On: The Deadliest Crash in Aviation History 46 years ago the deadliest crash in aviation history occurred in the Canary Islands. This crash shed light on a new method of pilot training and revolutionized the aviation industry forever. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jun 28, 2023 A Plane Spotter's Guide to Zurich Airport For many plane spotters, flying through an airport can be painful due to the obstructions between them and the aircraft that prevent plane spotters from doing their thing - photographing aircraft. Zurich airport is a heaven for plane spotters due to its light policies surrounding spotters. Here's what you need to know about what is possibly one of the best airports in Europe for photography. Read More →
NEWS Jun 26, 2023 East Coast Experiences Delays Due to ATC Outage, Weather The weekend of Sunday June 23 to 25 was a chaotic one for both passengers and pilots flying into and out of the East coast of the United States. Thunderstorms have hindered flight operations all throughout the weekend. On Sunday, the Washington D.C. TRACON went down, furthering the chaos and stress of an already bad weekend. Read More →
NEWS Jun 22, 2023 Airbus to Decarbonize Pilot Training with AURA AERO A subsidiary of Airbus and electric aircraft company AURA AERO have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop an all-electric trainer aircraft for Airbus Flight Academy Europe. The program will see the two companies levy their expertise and resources to develop the trainer aircraft, nicknamed INTEGRAL E, by 2030. Read More →
NEWS Jun 22, 2023 Embraer and GKN Aerospace to Work Together on Potential Hydrogen Demonstrator Embraer is going into the future with GKN Aerospace, as the two companies have signed an agreement to work together over the coming years to develop feasible hydrogen-powered technologies within the aviation industry. While Embraer will use its vast resources and expertise in aircraft design, GKN Aerospace will utilize its experience with the development of hydrogen technologies to create a possible hydrogen-powered demonstrator aircraft built by Embraer. Read More →
NEWS Jun 22, 2023 Akasa Air Orders Four 737 MAX 8s, Expands Order to 76 MAX 8s From Boeing Newly established Indian airline Akasa Air has added an additional four Boeing 737 MAX 8s to the airline's already mammoth order of 72 737 MAX aircraft. This comes as the Indian aviation market is undergoing an expansion, with numerous new startup airlines and aircraft orders. Read More →
NEWS Jun 21, 2023 Luxair To Order 4 Boeing 737 MAX 7s as the European Launch Customer Luxair is choosing to further its relationship with American aerospace giant Boeing through the ordering of four Boeing 737 MAX 7s. Luxair currently has orders for a total of eight 737 MAX aircraft across two variants. Read More →