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Brandon McLeish Aviation enthusiast for as long as I've been alive. Showcasing photos from Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands. #TeamAirbus
NEWS Nov 01, 2022 Dassault To Open MRO in Melbourne, Florida The French aerospace company Dassault has recently announced plans to open a Maintenance, Repair, and Operations facility (MRO) in Melbourne, Florida, and is set to be operational in 2024. Read More →
NEWS Oct 12, 2022 Orlando Airport Officially Opens New Terminal On September 20, 2022, Orlando opened its newest terminal, comprised of 15 gates. The new addition will enable the airport to serve more destinations and elevate the passenger experience, especially with the expected increase in holiday travel. Read More →
NEWS Sep 30, 2022 Avelo's Newest Base: Fort Myers Avelo airlines is planning to open a base at Fort Myers. The new base will allow the airline to operate four new routes from the airport and station planes at RSW. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Sep 16, 2022 Boeing's Worst Selling Aircraft Learn about some of Boeing's worst-selling aircraft, including an analysis of their production and why some variants failed. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Sep 04, 2022 Airport Snapshot: Northeast Florida Regional Airport An overview of the St. Augustine airport. Overview of the facilities and runways. Read More →
ROUTES Feb 21, 2022 Elite Airways Connects Portland to St. Augustine This article looks at St. Augustine getting Elite from Portland Maine. Some info is cited from the press release from the Airports website. Read More →
ROUTES Nov 10, 2021 Elite Airways Launches Flights to St. Augustine The article talks about Elite Airways' plan to fly to SGJ. It discusses info about the fleet types that may be used as well as airfare. Read More →
NEWS Sep 10, 2021 Spirit Airlines Implementing Wi-Fi on More Aircraft Spirit Airlines and wifi are two things that may never come to mind, but it's soon going to be a reality. Find out more about it in this article. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Sep 08, 2021 Air Service Potentially Returning to St. Augustine? This article provides information about the past airlines of St Augustine airport as well as one of the future ones. There are also some statistics and factors that play into the reason why the airport doesn't have as much airline service. Read More →