MONDAY DEC 11, 2023
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Luca Joe Azim A newbie planespotter who has an autism spectrum disorder and wishes to be accepted to the community Please email should you wish to use any of my content
Birmingham, United Kingdom
INFORMATIONAL May 01, 2023 Plane Spotting at Heathrow, Manchester, and More: A Brief Guide A British Spotting Guide for the major airports in England. If you ever wanted some tips for good locations and helpful pointers on spotting at the major airports in the UK, this is for you! Read More →
ROUTES Apr 30, 2023 SAS Launches flights from Sweden and Denmark to Newark Scandinavian Airlines has now launched direct flights from Newark (New York, EWR) to Gothenburg (Sweden, GOT) and Aalborg (Denmark, AAL). Read More →
NEWS Apr 25, 2023 Civil Aviation Authority Brands UK Treatment of Disabled Passengers Unacceptable Within the next couple of weeks, there will be a new set of guidelines that airlines will have to follow regarding assistance in UK airports. The UK Civil Aviation Authority has deemed the current state as 'unacceptable'. Read More →
NEWS Apr 24, 2023 UK Government Outlines Actions to Decarbonize Aviation The Jet Zero council has met at Farnborough Airport to discuss how the UK government can decarbonize aviation by the year 2050. Read More →
NEWS Apr 13, 2023 Pula Airport - Transatlantic Flights on the Horizon Pula Airport (PUY), located in Valtura, Croatia, has recently begun reviewing the feasibility of extending its runway to accommodate transatlantic flights. Read More →
NEWS Apr 07, 2023 Easter Break - Travel Tips as The UK Gets to Work UK passengers have grown to accept a level of varying disruption over several years. Easter, or spring break, is coming fast. Being well-prepared and ahead of the game will be important this weekend. Read More →
NEWS Jan 12, 2023 UK Strikes Bring Border Security into Question An update on the UK strikes which are affecting the UK's airports. There have been questions surrounding the security of the UK border during the time of strike action and whether this should be allowed. No agreement has been made as of yet. Read More →
NEWS Aug 31, 2022 United and Emirates Rumored to Begin Partnership United Airlines and Emirates have hinted at future cooperation, as seen on a Twitter exchange between the two companies' social media accounts. It is planned that the teamwork will launch soon with an announcement being scheduled for September 14, 2022. Read More →
NEWS Jul 10, 2022 Flight Cancellations Continue to Worsen in Europe This is an important update on the UK/EU/US situation. The situation does not seem to be improving. Read More →
NEWS Jun 26, 2022 Spanish EasyJet Crews to Strike EasyJet staff in Spain now plan on striking in July. This labor unrest will have an impact across Europe Read More →