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NEWS May 21, 2021 Breeze Airways is Ready for Takeoff! After much anticipation from aviation enthusiasts and airline analysts alike, Breeze airways has finally opened its website to sell tickets. Breeze is America's newest airline whose goal is to serve underserved routes for ultra-low prices. Their plan is to maximize their mark in the market by operating to smaller airports in order to lower expenses, then charge passengers fares as low as $40. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS May 12, 2021 Onboard United's New JFK Service Flying aboard United's new JFK service three times over the course of two weeks. Here's what I thought about the experience. Read More →
ROUTES Apr 19, 2021 United Airlines Launches Ambitious International Route Portfolio As traveler volumes are beginning to return to normal and demand for international travel is gradually increasing, airlines are beginning to reinforce their international route networks in order to accommodate for the increases in demand. This morning, United Airlines announced three new international additions, which are planned to mainly target the vacation sector of the industry. Read More →
ROUTES Mar 25, 2021 United Announces New Point-to-Point Routes to 26 Destinations United airlines has just announced their plans to launch 26 new point-to-point routes within the U.S. beginning in the month of May. This is to accommodate for the increase in demand for travel now that more people are being vaccinated and ready to take back to the skies. Routes and frequencies are included in this article. Read More →
NEWS Feb 21, 2021 FAA Grounds Certain 777-200s Following Incident in Denver Following yesterday's incident, where a United Airlines Boeing 777 suffered an engine failure after departure from Honolulu, the FAA declared that all Boeing 777s equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW4070 engines would be grounded until further notice. This would allow for a more thorough investigation in the matter whilst ensuring the safety of passengers on these aircraft. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Airline Black Friday Deals - The Complete List As the holiday season nears, many airlines are releasing black Friday deals in order to encourage more people to fly. Some airlines have gone to great lengths to make their deals appealing. This article will outline many airline Black Friday deals and cheap fares you can capitalize on, as well as the link to purchase. Read More →
NEWS United to Permanently Waive Change Fees and Introduce Complimentary Same-Day Standby United Airlines has announced that they will be removing change fees for domestic flights effective immediately. Additionally, United customers will have the ability to fly standby for free on same-day routes beginning January 1 of next year. This will make United Airlines the first U.S. legacy airline to enact these change fee policies. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS The Ultimate IAD Spotting Guide (2020 Edition) Bet there's a spot here you didn't know about! Read More →
NEWS Washington Dulles Airport to Close Runway 1R/19L Until September Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some airports have took this opportunity to help renovate or grow their airport facilities.  Washington Dulles International Airport will close their Runway 1R/19L according to the FAA until September 3, 2020. Read More →
NEWS Mitsubishi and Bombardier Secure Deal Valued At Over $700 million For CRJ Program On June 1, exactly one week ago, Bombardier and Mitsubishi secured a deal valuing at over $550 million USD. Mitsubishi also promised liabilities on the aircraft worth up to $200 million USD. Read More →