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Screening Team

3-4 hr/wk + bi-weekly meeting The screening team is responsible for maintaining our robust photo database. The screening team has three responsibilities. Workloads are divided based on screener freetime, however all screeners are expected to review photos.

Photo Revision

Screeners are responsible for reviewing photos before they are added to our database. Using cutting edge technologies, these team members compare photos against a set of guidelines in order to determine eligibility for photo acceptance. Photo reviewers can review for the main queue, stock queue, or appeal queue.

Information Correction

Certain screeners are also responsible for browsing through the photos page and modifying information that may be incorrect. This is done using a terminal, through which screeners are able to directly modify the database.

Database Management

Certain screeners are given the opportunity to modify the autofill database, which is a registry of all airlines and aircraft that suggests information to the user during the photo submission process.


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Writing Team

4-6 hr/wk + bi-weekly meeting The writing team is responsible for producing aviation content to be read by hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide. From writing about personal travel experiences to following stories about groundbreaking aviation developments, there is always story that can be written to entertain our readers. Writers are also responsible for managing AeroXplorer's external publishing network (Apple News, Google News, etc.).

Writers can choose between two payout categories:

Type A
Writers are paid a fixed rate per-article depending on the quality of the content, judged by an integrated software. The rate usually ranges between $6-10 per article but can occasionally be more or less depending on certain factors. Type A writers are required to write one article per day for five days every week.

Type B
Writers are paid based on the viewership they receive. The start rate is $1 per 1000 views and changes as the writer builds more seniority with the company. Writers in the Type B category are required to write at least one article per week.


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Public Relations Team

Social Media: 1.5hr/wk + bi-weekly meeting | Photography: 5-6hr/2-3 months + monthly meeting The Public Relations department is responsible for managing AeroXplorer's social media outlets. Members of this team are responsible for posting daily and maintaining a positive image of the platform. There are two subsets of this team, the social media group and the photography group.

Social Media

The social media subset of the Public Relations Department is responsible for posting on all of AeroXplorer's mainstream social platforms: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.



The photography subset of the Public Relations Department is responsible for attending aviation-related events and airshows on behalf of AeroXplorer. Members of this team are required to purchase an AeroXplorer T-Shirt to wear to events (at a discounted price) and will receive a media badge.


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Design Team

3hr/wk + bi-weekly meeting The Design Team is responsible for producing appealing graphics for posting on social media and on the platform. Examples of these include badges, advertisements, or emotes. Design team members are also expected to have a basic understanding of video editing.


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