SUNDAY MAR 26, 2023
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NEWS Assorted News from the Aviation Industry, November 2020 This article aims to summarize various shorter (but still important) stories at this time. IATA Suggests Vaccine Requirement for Future International Travel. 747 in Storage Bursts into Flame on Apron. Mass Air Travel Still Comes with Thanksgiving Day. Read More →
NEWS Delta Retires Entire 777 Fleet Today, Delta Airlines is set to retire the 777 aircraft from their fleet. The final flight will be from JFK to LAX. Read More →
NEWS Airbus Delivers First Rare A330-800neo to Kuwait Airways Today, Kuwait Airways took delivery of the first two A330-800 aircraft on order. Compared to the 318 orders received by Airbus for the aircraft's counterpart, the A330-900, the -800 has only received 14 orders. Out of the 14 on order, 8 belong to Kuwait. Read More →
ROUTES Jetblue Unveils New A321LR That Will Operate to London Flights Jetblue has today unveiled their new A321LR that will operate the airlines new London route next year. Read More →
ROUTES Jetblue Adds 24 New Routes to Their Network Jetblue announced its plans to add 24 new routes Thursday morning. Read More →
ROUTES United Airlines Announces Floridian Expansion Targeting Leisure Travelers United Airlines has announced a new Floridian expansion targeting leisure travelers. This is the airline's first point to point route expansion since the Continental Airlines merger. Read for an in-depth analysis Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mexico's Interjet Thrown Lifeline With $150 Million Investment Mexico's Interjet had been bound to fail despite the disastrous effects the Coronavirus had on Mexican (and worldwide) aviation. However, in these trying times for the airline, an investment group has thrown the failing low-cost carrier a lifeline in the form of a $150 million investment, in order to make Interjet "the most important airline in Mexico." Will the plans of these investors be realized, or do you think Interjet will eventually go under? Read More →
NEWS Norwegian Set to Resume Longhaul Flying This Winter Norwegian Air UK plans to restart many transatlantic flights this winter. What do you feel about Norwegian's earlier-than-expected return to long-haul flying? Do you think the airline will thrive, or will it grow too much too fast all over again? Read More →
NEWS Garuda Indonesia Explores U.S., France, India Flights From Bali Indonesian flag-carrier Garuda is exploring the possibility of launching U.S. flights. How could the carrier do this and what are its motives? Read More →
NEWS Canada's Nolinor Aviation Launches New Quebec-based Leisure Airline Canada's Nolinor Aviation has hinted at a "new division with a new name, a new mission and a stunning new livery design" on multiple posts across social media. Now that the carrier's ambitions have finally been revealed, let's explain them in this article. Read More →