FRIDAY SEP 29, 2023
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NEWS Apr 09, 2023 Latin America to Establish Itself as a Producer of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Latin American countries such as Brazil and Colombia are expanding SAF production. Many of these countries have large supplies of palm oil and biofuels that will make it more efficient for them to produce these biofuels. Read More →
NEWS Apr 09, 2023 Lufthansa to Sell Catering Unit LSG Group to AURELIUS Group Lufthansa (LH) has entered into an agreement with private equity group AURELIUS to sell the remaining business of LSG Group. In 2019, European LSG Sky Chefs activities were already sold to Gategroup. This move is part of Lufthansa Group's strategy to focus more on its airline business in the future, which is expected to have a positive impact on the Group's operating margin and capital return. Read More →
NEWS Apr 05, 2023 Southampton Airport Initiates Controversial Runway Extension The £17 million redevelopment project at Southampton Airport includes the extension of its runway, which is expected to encourage new airlines to launch routes to and from the airport. Read More →
NEWS Apr 04, 2023 Snohomish County to Build Research Center for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Washington State, which has established itself as an aerospace hub over the past several decades, is looking to shift its focus to green aviation. Snohomish County has partnered with Washington State University to establish an R&D center focusing on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 30, 2023 Japan and Australia's Plans for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Sustainable aviation fuel is growing in popularity amid ongoing plans by the aviation sector to decarbonize. Japan and Australia are cooperating to expand the production of SAFs. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 14, 2023 A Guide to Airline Alliances: What They Are and How They Work Airline alliance marketing is everywhere these days at airports and on planes, but what actually are these alliances, and what purpose do they serve? This article will explore the fascinating history of one of the industry's most important assets for airlines and consumers alike. Read More →
NEWS Mar 10, 2023 VIDEO: Two Killed After Chile Airport Heist Goes Wrong A shootout has occurred at Chile's main international airport after thieves attempted to steal $32.5 million in cash from a plane arriving from Miami. Two people have been left dead. This is the third robbery of its kind on Santiago airport grounds in nine years. Read More →
NEWS Mar 09, 2023 Delta Pilots Announce Historic New Contract The most innovative airline in the U.S. has done it again: Delta pilots will now lead the nation in pay for most positions and provide one of the most compelling pilot experiences. With the deal resulting in raises upwards of 30%, it is expected that the rest of the industry will follow in lockstep soon. Read More →
ROUTES Mar 01, 2023 Zipair Launching Tokyo to San Francisco Service This Summer Japan's unique low-cost airline Zipair Tokyo is expanding once again, this time launching a new service to San Francisco this summer. To succeed in one of the most competitive trans-pacific markets, airlines must offer a competitive project, and Zipair promises to do just that. But not in the way one might expect. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Feb 24, 2023 Aviation as a Career Choice: Why it's a Great Option for College Students If you're a college student and you're struggling to find a career path, aviation might be a good option for you. There will be a growing demand for qualified individuals right through the end of this decade meaning qualified pupils will have numerous job prospects upon completing higher education. Read More →