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NEWS Sep 09, 2023 How Airlines are Responding to Morocco's 6.8-Magnitude Earthquake On September 8, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit Morocco, killing over 1300 people. The quake struck the High Atlas Mountains, near the famous tourist destination city of Marrakesh. The damage to buildings and historical sites means that tourism will be unlikely to return to full force for the foreseeable future, leading to less flight demand. Read More →
NEWS Sep 07, 2023 Biman Bangladesh Eyes Risky U.S. Resumption Biman Bangladesh Airlines has recently outlined plans to resume service to the United States. With a modern fleet of aircraft, the carrier is eyeing its return to the States after 17 years. Read More →
NEWS Sep 06, 2023 A Brand-New Luxury Airline From the Maldives: Can it Compete? A new airline is set to launch in the Maldives later this year. Beond is a luxury airline that offers flights for passengers exclusively in business class. On September 5, Beond announced plans to launch three routes from its hub at Velana International Airport (MLE) in the Maldives in November. Read More →
NEWS Sep 05, 2023 All United Airlines Flights Grounded Due to Nationwide Outage Just months after various system outages struck the Southwest Airlines network, another similar issue has transpired. This time, however, it has affected United Airlines. Read More →
NEWS Aug 22, 2023 Google and Microsoft to Invest in Sustainable Aviation Fuel Two of the world's largest technology companies announced plans to invest in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) this month. Google and Microsoft will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the aviation sector, which accounts for 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions. SAF is widely regarded as one of the most feasible ways to make aviation more sustainable in the short-term. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Aug 22, 2023 Are Airline Ticket Prices Set to Rise Indefinitely? Airline ticket prices have hit record highs in recent times, but the time are changing. While lower prices aren't guaranteed passengers should take comfort in the fact that prices are trending lower and that trend is expected to continue. This article explains why. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Aug 06, 2023 The Best Universities to Study Aerospace Engineering in 2023 Dive into this comprehensive guide by Phil Collins of EssayService to 2023’s top colleges for aerospace engineering. Start your journey to a successful aerospace career today! Read More →
STORIES Aug 02, 2023 Blown Sky-High: The Effects of the Russia and Sudan Conflicts on Aviation Insurance Costs Airlines need insurance for their aircraft to deal with the potential consequences of operating flights. The need for insurance has become more prominent in recent years due to a variety of conflicts around the world, including wars in Ukraine and Sudan. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Aug 01, 2023 The World's Best Universities to Study Aviation Discover the best universities for studying aviation globally with Tutor John W of DoMyEssay. Start your journey to an exciting aviation career today! Read More →
NEWS Jul 31, 2023 Aer Lingus Restarts Pilot Training Program Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus has restarted its pilot training program in order to combat pilot shortages. As the airline expands to new routes, Aer Lingus has chosen to fully sponsor pilots willing to train under their program. Read More →