MONDAY DEC 11, 2023
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NEWS Vietnam Airlines Suspends All International Flights While the Southeastern country of Vietnam has only 76 cases of COVID-19, the Vietnamese government has put a lot of restrictions in place to prevent the virus from entering and spreading in Vietnam. Also, other neighboring countries are now restricing foreigners from entering their countries. These two causes have led to the flag carrier of Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines, being forced to suspend all of its international services. This will be taking place between now and April 30th of this year (2020). Read More →
NEWS U.S. Bans Flights to Europe For Next Thirty Days According to multiple sources, the U.S. will suspend flights to Europe for the next thirty days. President Trump has announced that there will be no air travel, including cargo, allowed between Europe and the U.S. Read More →
NEWS TSA Screeners in San Jose test positive for COVID-19 3 TSA screeners at Mineta San Jose International Airport have tested positive for COVID-19 Read More →
INFORMATIONAL 2020 Airshows: East Coast Live on the east coast and wondering which airshows to visit? Here is a list of some action-packed, thrilling aviation events happening this year! Read More →
NEWS Delta and American Suspend Flights to Milan Coronavirus isn't only affecting flights to Asia. Now, flights to Italy are also being suspended. Read More →
NEWS United Airlines Offers Pilots a Month Off United Airlines has offered pilots a month off at a reduced pay due to flight cuts. Read More →
NEWS Airbus Halts A320 Production in Asia due to Coronavirus Precautions Airbus announced that they will be closing their Airbus factory in Tianjin, located in northeastern China, due to recently imposed travel bans due to the outbreak of 2019-nCoV, AKA Coronavirus. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Safest Airlines for 2020 has released a list of the safest airlines for 2020 Read More →
INFORMATIONAL TheExplorerBlog Photo Guidelines What guidelines do you need to follow if you want to upload to TheExplorerBlog? Read More →