FRIDAY SEP 29, 2023
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NEWS U.S. Panel Bashes FAA and Boeing for Aircraft Design Flaws Tests for the recertification of the 737 MAX 8 have recently begun around the world, and for the first time since the aircraft was grounded over a year ago there was hope that the plane would be flying again soon. Things were looking up for Boeing and it seemed as if the plane would be airworthy soon. That all changed this morning, when a report from the U.S. House panel slammed both Boeing and the FAA for design failures and lack of oversight that resulted in the crash of two aircraft, killing over 300 people and the grounding of over 400 737 MAX 8s. Read More →
NEWS The Return of the MAX 8 Tests for the recertification of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 are starting around the world. How are the tests going and is the aircraft on track to return anytime soon? This is a look into the failed planes progress in its attempt to comeback. Read More →
NEWS Salt Lake City Opens New Terminal The 60 year old airport renovation has been dubbed the "Future of Air Travel" Read More →
NEWS Alaska Airlines Temporarily Suspends Flights in Oregon, Washington Alaska Airline has announced that all flights into and out of Portland, Oregon, have been suspended until 3 P.M. Tuesday, due to the growing smoke and low air quality caused by the wildfires sweeping the West Coast of the United States. Read More →
NEWS Woman Attempts to Run Through Security at Pittsburgh Airport On August 19, a woman attempted to run through the TSA checkpoint at Pittsburgh Airport. The woman, identified as Brandi L Bayley, threw water at a TSA agent who had asked for her boarding pass. Read More →
NEWS Daytona Beach Airport Holds Paper Airplane Challenge Daytona Beach Airport, home of one of the world's most well known aeronautical universities, will be holding a paper airplane challenge on August 19. Read More →
United to Drop ExpressJet From Contract ExpressJet, a regional airline that flies under United Express, will be dropped by United. This means ExpressJet will not having any aircraft, forcing them to cease operations. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS The Ultimate IAD Spotting Guide (2020 Edition) Bet there's a spot here you didn't know about! Read More →
NEWS Washington Dulles Airport to Close Runway 1R/19L Until September Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some airports have took this opportunity to help renovate or grow their airport facilities.  Washington Dulles International Airport will close their Runway 1R/19L according to the FAA until September 3, 2020. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mexico's Interjet Thrown Lifeline With $150 Million Investment Mexico's Interjet had been bound to fail despite the disastrous effects the Coronavirus had on Mexican (and worldwide) aviation. However, in these trying times for the airline, an investment group has thrown the failing low-cost carrier a lifeline in the form of a $150 million investment, in order to make Interjet "the most important airline in Mexico." Will the plans of these investors be realized, or do you think Interjet will eventually go under? Read More →