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NEWS Smooth Flying for the MAX? A few months ago, things seemed hopeless for the 737 MAX. The MAX has been grounded worldwide for over fifteen months after two crashes that killed over 300 people. Since then, Boeing has been making adjustments to the plane, trying to get it recertified and deemed airworthy once again. Boeing has, of course, experienced difficulty during this time, with lawsuits, investigations, canceled orders, loss of customers, loss of trust, and to make matters worse, COVID-19. But now, as the MAX enters the final stages of the recertification process, it seems as if things may start going Boeing's way. Read More →
NEWS FAA Chief Flies MAX and Gets Bill Approved The chief of the FAA piloted the 737 MAX 8 on Wednesday among tests for the recertification of the aircraft. Additionally, a committee on the U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill for reforms the FAA's certification process. Read More →
ROUTES JetBlue Launches Expansion Out of Hartford JetBlue has recently announced plans for expansion out of Hartford's Bradley International Airport. The 4 new routes will compliment B6's 6 preexisting routes to Florida and Puerto Rico. Read More →
NEWS Virgin Galactic To Create Mach 3 Supersonic Aircraft Virgin Galactic will create a Mach 3 Supersonic Aircraft in conjunction with Rolls Royce. What can you expect from this aircraft? Read more. Read More →
NEWS Breaking News: British Airways Retires 747 British Airways will retire its 747 fleet, according to an internal memo. Click to read more. Read More →
NEWS Mitsubishi and Bombardier Secure Deal Valued At Over $700 million For CRJ Program On June 1, exactly one week ago, Bombardier and Mitsubishi secured a deal valuing at over $550 million USD. Mitsubishi also promised liabilities on the aircraft worth up to $200 million USD. Read More →
NEWS Russia Begins Work on Stealth Nuclear Bomber PAK DA Russia starts work on stealth nuclear bomber PAK DA. Read More →
NEWS Boeing to Stop Production After Employee COVID-19 Death Boeing has made the decision to suspend production in Seattle-area facilities after a worker died from the novel coronavirus. This suspension will start on March 25th for a period of 14 days. Read More →
NEWS Aircraft Retirements Accelerated Due to COVID-19 Many iconic aircraft are being forced into retirement due to the ongoing COVID-19. Which aircraft are being forced into early retirement? Click to see more details Read More →